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I talked to a woman who said, “Oh yeah, most of the houses I have moved into have been haunted. I know that there are ghost there but they leave me alone most of the time. This was so confusing to me because if I come into contact with any disembodied beings my first instinct is to send them to the light. There are no beings without a body that are going to be happier hanging out randomly in a house haunting it, they are going to want to be part of the living again and part of the way that they can have these experiences is to hook into living people energetically so they can feel their feelings. This connection can also make the living people have cravings for certain things, like food, alcohol or drugs. This connection can also make the living person feel the emotions of the disembodied person. I don’t usually feel rage or anger, but if I do it’s most likely because I have an entity attached to me. Once I release it I am back to feeling peaceful again.

In this episode we will explore different ways that you can release and send the entities back to the light so that you can have a calm peaceful and ghost free life.

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