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Grounding. What is it and how to do it.

Grounding. What is it and how to do it.

This week’s episode is about grounding.

We have lived in our body our whole life…it shouldn’t be so hard to ground. And yet many of us have trouble staying energetically in our body. Stressful days and traumatic events make us want to run from our body and go other places with our energy so we don’t have to be present to the moment. Sometimes the present moment is stressful so we think it would be better to move our energy in the past when things were easier, or in the future where things could be better. The problem with this is that our body needs us fully present in this now moment in order to have enough energy to run itself. When our thoughts are in the past or in the future we can’t think clearly and we don’t feel whole, complete or grounded. When we don’t feel grounded and aren’t aware that we just need to bring our awareness back the the present moment we will turn to food, drugs, tv or other people to try to ground us. We try to fill our body with whatever energy we can in order to feel whole again.

Distractions and getting random energy from around us to ground will help for a while, but we end up having a false sense of security. When the house gets empty and we are by ourselves we never quite feel at peace. We are always searching for our next hit of something to ground us and make us feel better. The next thing that will bring us peace.

The way out of this cycle is to learn how to ground ourselves into our own body.

There are a few steps to this.

First of all, many people don’t think they like to be grounded because it feels weird in their body. The reason why it feels weird is because when you left your body in the first place you left a gap open that was filled in with other things. This helped you for a while, but slowly the energy that was not yours stagnated and created this yucky feeling because it’s foreign energy that does not being to you.

When we clear out the energy that is not ours we create a clean house for us to move back into. When its just you in your clean body it feels safe and like home because your physical body is your Soul Mate. It’s the reason you get to be here this life time. Your physical body is the perfect mate for your soul and the safest place you can be this lifetime.

In order to clear out the physical body of energy that is not yours, feel into the place that is “off” or “gunky”. As you feel into this energy, use your intention and your breath to move this energy out of your physical body. Ask that this energy be returned to where ever it came from in a loving and gentle way. Breathe, release and go deeper into this area. In the beginning it might feel weird or scary, sometimes intense emotions come up, but stick with it. As you continue to relax and breathe, the foreign energy leaves and you get to move deeper in, until there is nothing left but your energy and a peaceful feeling of being home.

When you feel fully clear and full inside of your body, send two lines of energy from the base of your spine, down the outside of your legs and into the Earth. This will give you extra stability. Allow yourself to feel your root chakra open as you move deeper into your body. If anything feels off, just do the breathing and clearing exercise again. The more you relax during this exercise the more easily and faster it goes, so just be patient and gentle with yourself.

With practice it becomes automatic.

Listen to this episode to learn more.

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