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Opening to receive

Opening to receive

Are you an over giver? Do you give, give, give and get upset that nobody is giving to you?

Well this is the show for you!

In this episode we talk about our chakra system, but more importantly the REAR aspects of our chakras. Never heard of the rear aspects? You are not alone. So many people are focused on giving that they forget the receiving part of the chakra system.

Chakras open out in the front and we are able to process how we give energy and emotions, but the rear aspects that are located in the back of our body and help us to receive. Often times when we have been hurt, we close down the rear aspects because we don’t want to feel the pain anymore. But that shuts us down to receiving the good stuff as well.

When our rear aspects are closed, even if people want to give to us they can’t because those rear aspects are shut down and unable to receive energy. Energy and love bounces off us and we are left feeling lacking, wondering why nobody loves us…but it’s not other people’s fault…it’s up to us to open up, it’s up to us to be vulnerable enough to clear out the places where we have been hurt and open up to receive once again. Once we heal the pain of the past we can open up in a whole new way that allows in a higher vibration of love than ever before. The reason we keep closed is because we think that if we open we are going to get hurt again, but in reality we are hurting every day until we clear the pain, once it’s cleared the energy of the event is gone, our frequency raises and we don’t attract that in anymore, we only attract in the best of the best because we are now at a higher vibration and frequency.

Listen to this episode if you are ready to receive all the goodness that life wants to give you!

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