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Tonight  7pm Central


Get ready to learn some tools that will help you to feel relaxed, clear and fully grounded!


Being an Energetic Sensitive can be a lot to deal with.

Anxiety, overwhelm, depression, sadness, feeling like you are going crazy…


But you aren’t crazy.


You are just sensitive to other people’s energies and the energy in your body is constantly changing to compensate for the energy that is shifting inside and all around you.


In this class you will experience an ancient technique used for thousands of years to help you to ground, center and feel clear of all of the energy that is not yours.


During this Energy Healing Meditation you will learn how to:


  • Ground in any situation
  • Release the energy and energetic cords of others
  • Clear and calm intense emotions like Anxiety and Loneliness
  • Calming and loving the inner child
  • Creating solid and clear boundaries





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