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What are chakras?

What are chakras?

The chakras are kind of like emotional filing cabinets in our energy system. They help us to understand and process the different emotions that we feel on a daily basis from our own self and others. When our chakras are free, clear and open our emotions are easy and flow naturally. But if our chakras are blocked for some reason we will have an issue with that particular emotional subject.

Here are what blocks could look like in the different chakras:

Crown chakra:
If it is closed we may feel like we are disconnected to our Divine Source or God. We might feel like we are alone in the Universe and no one is listening to our prayers.

Throat chakra
If it is blocked we may have an issue with speaking our truth or having trouble being truthful with ourselves or others.

Heart Chakra

If our heart chakra is blocked we may have an issue with giving or receiving love.

Solar Plexus
If the solar plexus is blocked we could have issues with feeling empowered or lacking energy.

Sacral Chakra
If the Sacral chakra is blocked we could have issues our relationships, with our relationship to ourselves or others. We could also have issues with our creativity, our sexuality and also with making money.

Root Chakra
If our Root chakra is blocked we could feel ungrounded. We might never feel very safe or at home. We could have trouble manifesting what we are creating and we could have issues with weight or body image.

For more information about the chakras tune into this podcast. Also check out the
Quick and Easy Chakra Course


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